Snatch (Red)
Ref.No 900181
Release Date 1989
Distributor(s) Bluebird Toys

Snatch (Red) is an airborne vehicle and is controlled by the Karnoid Robots. It can be attached to the Glutten, Ground-Hog and Turbo Drill, enabling the Sneak to become a formidable ground unit. The Snatch can also replace the Wing-top-fighters on the Black Barracuda.

Manufactures descriptionEdit

Independent flying machine with firing gun. Fits wing-top on Black Barracuda or makes composite vehicles with Glutton or Ground-Hog, With one robot Karnoid and two Manta men.


Below are the features of the Snatch.

  • A detachable canon with actual firing mechanism
  • A mid-section storage hold for captive Manta Men
  • 2 rocket compartments

Contents of original packagingEdit

Below are the contents found in the original packaging.

  • 1 Snatch
  • 1 Detachable Cannon
  • 2 Rockets
  • 1 Karnoid Robots
  • 2 Manta Force Men


A black version of Snatch was sold by Bluebird Toys in 1989.

Foreign distributionEdit

The Snatch was distributed throughout Europe, via FASSI and Habourdin International.