Manta Force - Winter Special
Manta Force Winter
Issue 1
Released Winter 1989
Original Price 99p
Publisher(s) Marvel Comics UK

Manta Force - Winter Special, which was published by Msrvel Comics UK, contains the first complete comic that was dedicated to Manta Force toyline.

Manta Force Bullet Point - 3 Official SummaryEdit

Manta Force Bullet Point - 3 Contents PageEdit

  • Page 3 - Collision Course! The Comic strip action begins with Major Vax Launching his most blistering attack yet... against the Manta Force Battle Station!
  • Page 13 - Search and Destroy! Puxxle Page
  • Page 14 - MANTA FORCE and RED VENOM on our fabulous Poster
  • Page 16 - Red Venom! The story that started the adventure of Manta Force! The magnificent spaceship launches on its maiden voyage - and the rest is history!
  • Page 22 - Storm over Serpio! In the storm-wrecked atmosphere of the planet Serpio, Manta Force faces deadly and mysterious foe! Turn to the exciting text story and read on! 
  • Page 26 - Spot the Difference!
  • Page 27 - Lost in Space! Manta Force Maze!

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Free GiftEdit

One Manta Force Man that was attached to the comic's front cover.

Manta Force Bullet Point - 3 AdvertisementsEdit

Marvel Comics UK released the following advertisement in the majority of their comics, to promote the Manta Force Winter Special.

Manta Force Winter - Special