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Manta Force literature comprises of comic-strips and novels.

In September 1987, Eagle Comics released a comic-strip based on the Manta Force toy line via a publishing company called IPC Magazines Ltd. Starting with a prologue illustrated by Ian Kennedy in issue 285, the main series ran between issues 286 - 305. It was written by Alan Hebden and illustrated by Mike Dorey. The purpose of the comic-strips was to provide a back-story to Manta Force universe and help to promote the Bluebird toy range.

Following the conclusion of the comic-strip in Eagle Comics, Marvel Comics UK produced a one-shot special in 1989. Presently, it is unknown if Marvel Comics UK had planned to produce additional one-shot specials or even an on-going series.

Bluebird also published two promotional comics in the late 80s, to promote the Black Barracuda and Stinkhorn toy rangers. These promotional comics were generally found in the packages of other Manta Force toys.

In July 1989, Carnical released two books based on the Manta Force toy line. Both books were written and illustrated by Royston Drake. Similar to the comic-strips found in Eagle Comics, the books were designed to provide a more detailed back-story, while also promoting the Manta Force toys.

Below is a list of Manta Force literature.

Eagle Comics
# 285
EagleComics 285.jpg
# 286
EagleComics 286.jpg
# 287
EagleComics 287.jpg
# 288
EagleComics 288.jpg
# 289
EagleComics 289.jpg
# 290
EagleComics 290.jpg
# 291
EagleComics 291.jpg
# 292
EagleComics 292.jpg
# 293
EagleComics 293.jpg
# 294
EagleComics 294.jpg
# 295
EagleComics 295.jpg
# 296
EagleComics 296.jpg
# 297
EagleComics 297.jpg
# 298
EagleComics 298.jpg
# 299
EagleComics 299.jpg
# 300
EagleComics 300.jpg
# 301
EagleComics 301.jpg
# 302
EagleComics 302.jpg
# 303
EagleComics 303.jpg
# 304
EagleComics 304.jpg
# 305
EagleComics 305.jpg

Marvel Comics UK

Manta Force - Winter Special
Manta Force Winter.png

Bluebird Comics

Manta Force - The Black Barracuda Attacks

MantaForce-Black Barracuda Attacks-001.jpg

Manta Force - Vile Stinkhorn and his Stenchoids


Manta Force - Red Venom Strikes at Manta Force

Manta Force - Red Venom Strikes at Manta Force 001.jpg
Manta Force - The Enemy Within
RedVenomAttacks 001.png

Manta Force - Red Venom Attack!

RedVenomAttacks 001.png